Thursday, January 13, 2011

Casino Night Fundraisers and Charity Poker Tournaments

Are a looking for a fundraiser idea and great way to raise money for your non-profit charity group or organization? Why not consider a casino fundraiser, casino night charity event or a charity texas holdem poker tournament? Casino Fundraisers and Charity Poker Tournaments are great ideas for raising money for you non-profit organizaiton while entertaining your guests with exciting casino fun.

If you are planning a casino night fundraiser or charity poker tournament, we understand that your primary goal is to maximize your fundraising potential while providing an authentic Las Vegas style casino party event. We'll show you how. We have many proven ideas to help you achieve those fundraising goals. As casino night fundraiser experts, we guarantee your event will not only feel authentic, but your guests will be thrilled with the excitement it brings. We provide support and guidance until your event is over. Arizona Casino Knights. has assisted dozens of charities, schools, churches, athletic teams and PTA/PTO groups with their fundraising needs. We would be happy to share our experience and ideas with you in the planning of your casino fundraiser event.

When would you consider an Arizona Casino Knights party?
  • PTA Fundraisers
  • PTO Fundraisers
  • School Fundraisers
  • Church Fundraisers
  • School Fundraiser
  • Athletic or Sports Team Fundraisers
  • Youth Group Fundraisers
  • Any Fundraiser Idea
Download our free Casino Night Fundraiser Guide. The client is responsible for obtaining all city, county and state permits if necessary. For additional legal information please visit:

Arizona Attorney General's Office 

Arizona Department of Gaming

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